In 2018-19 children from 35 North London Primary Schools participated in the Meadowsong Pilot. They explored the topic of wildflower habitats through song, outdoor learning projects, choreography, and visual art. They performed the song cycle and created class assemblies, whole school concerts and borough-wide massed choir performances involving youth instrumental ensembles.

Since Spring 2020 the Meadowsong programme has been delivered to over 300 Year 3 teachers, music and science leads in collaboration with the local Education Authorities of Essex, Enfield, Northampton, Waltham Forest, Warrington, St Helen’s, South Cornwall, Peterborough, North Cornwall, North Lincolnshire, Bedford and Leicester.

Meadowsong CPD

Meadowsong training. Feedback from teachers:

“The training was absolutely terrific. Such an amazing inspirational day. Lots of ideas for plans for teaching – incorporating music and dance, and the main part being that we’re going to create a meadow space for the children to enjoy and to bring the wildlife into our school playground.”

“Learning the songs…how to use the resources to get the kids really involved in the meadow through films, songs, movement, words and art and allowing self-expression.”

“Ideas to include less confident children, drama activities, performing poetry, songs to enthuse the children about plants/meadows.”

“Great songs, materials and ideas. Good to learn about this amazing project.”

“Lots and lots of ideas to use straight away as well as such beautiful songs.”

“Very thorough resource and trainers pre-empted many questions. Course delivery itself was very practical giving me a memorable experience of how it can be delivered in school.”

“Extremely engaging and a good combination of practical and discussion activities. Eager to plant our wildflower meadow”

“The music and singing was fantastic. There are so many elements to Meadowsong and how it fits to the curriculum. It gives all children with different abilities the opportunity to shine.”

“Doing all the activities, brilliant explanations. Demonstrating how the APPS work, how to deliver the songs, how it can blend together, looking at how pictures/dance/art and music can be performed.”

“Great ideas for implementing a range of activities into the classroom, not only for year 3 children but for my eco-committee. I really enjoyed the drama and the music. Thank you.”

“Everything was interesting and engaging, particularly enjoyed the singing element as this isn’t something I wouldn’t normally feel confident teaching. SEEK app is fantastic!”

“Very practical methods for teaching skills as well as excellent subject knowledge provided.”

“The Meadowong training I’ve attended today has been absolutely brilliant – probably the best training I’ve ever been on, so if you get a chance to go on it, go on it. It’s well worth it.”

“How to deliver teaching and learning of plants in a dynamic, exciting new way, a way to perform what has been learnt and share with a wider community. How easy it can be to create a meadow – don’t need lots of space for it to be effective and get children outside.”

“I really enjoyed all aspects of the course and I am really looking forward to delivering Meadowsong in school…it was amazing.”

“Good links to the national curriculum and good advice for planting the meadow. Love the SEEK app and books advice. Very friendly and approachable trainers.”

“Good links to the national curriculum and good advice for planting the meadow. Love the SEEK app and books advice. Very friendly and approachable trainers.”

“Excellent delivery by two experts – thank you!”