Learn / Y3 Plants Topic

Meadowsong is an immersive, interdisciplinary approach to teaching arts and science. Teachers will receive planning and resources for a half term’s work based around the Y3 Plants topic.

Resources and plans will be provided to include a half term’s work for:

  1. English
  2. Science
  3. Art
  4. Music
  5. Dance

The resources weave together, much like ecology, to develop a fascination for and a deep appreciation of nature in the children. At the same time, the resources offer a coherent set of curriculum plans that are both ambitious and allow children to develop their own interests and talents. It is notable how passionate the children become about the habitat and its species and in the course of this programme.

We expect this project to take place in either the Spring or Summer term. It’s a scalable project: resources can be used to the full or as a foundation for teachers to explore their own ideas. It’s full of possibility!

Following the training day, resources and planning for all subjects will be available as downloads from our website.


Through Meadowsong children will develop expressive writing in various forms: poetry, prose and factual writing. The six week sequence of lessons (several lessons for each form of writing) will provide stimulus and support resources relating to the study of the wildlife that are integral to this ecosystem.


The Plants topic in the Y3 Science is fully explored through the Meadowsong planning and resources. It will include lessons on: parts and functions of the plant, what a plant needs to grow, pollination and seed formation and disposal. We will also provide planning that covers the soil part of the Rocks topic. The resources go beyond the year 3 curriculum to look at the interdependencies of biodiversity and thus offers an ambitious curriculum aimed at deeper learning.

The RSPB Wild Challenges are activities and resources which will help deliver the outdoor learning aspects of the project. It is also FREE and teachers can take any of the 24 activities to earn awards – six of them tie in perfectly with the Meadowsong project. The WWF Seek.app is another complementary FREE resource that enables teachers and children to identify species in local habitats.

The Arts

Meadowsong aims to deliver transformative learning. The Arts are integral to engaging children in finding their own expression to empathise and actively promote the protection of the natural world. Aligned with Art, Dance and Music national curriculum guidance the project looks at immersing children in the wonders of this habitat in a way that will fire up their self expression whilst delivering a creative arts curriculum that has breadth and depth.